Case in Point

Quality Made True


Midwest Graphics

In 2013, Keith Reinowski of Midwest Graphics in Martin, North Dakota got a call from a local furniture store. Apparently a few kids had stolen a pair of formed plastic letters from their dimensional signage. The furniture store owner found the original Gemini packing list from 1968 and gave it to Keith. Keith gave Gemini a call and soon learned that Gemini would replace the broken letters. At no cost.

“What surprised me the most wasn’t that Gemini stood by its lifetime guarantee,” Keith said, “but that when I put up the new letters side-by-side with the old letters you could hardly tell the difference. All I needed to do was clean the old letters a little bit and they looked just the same.” 

Keith’s experience is just one example of the lasting quality Gemini puts into all of their products. Whether a sign letter is one month old or 45 years old, you can just see that Gemini’s quality is made true.