Case in Point

A Lifetime Guarantee Made True


All-American Moving Service of Colorado

In October 2008, All-American Moving Service of Colorado contacted Jon Haar of Enchanted Signs in Colorado Springs. They had formed plastic letters that were missing from their 22 year old signage. Jon told them that he would send them a bid for Gemini letters because of Gemini’s lifetime guarantee.

Jon sent the letter “S” to Gemini’s production manager who immediately recognized it as a Gemini product. Jon’s plan was simply to replace the missing letters with new letters of the same style and approximate color. However, Gemini said that they would instead replace all 13 letters, including a pattern and shipping. At no charge.

The decision by Gemini to replace the letters at no charge under their lifetime guarantee prevented an eyesore of mix-match of letters. It also saved Jon’s customer more than $1,500.

“The number of sources for formed letters is almost countless today, but I will only buy and sell one product: Gemini.” - Jon

The experience secured Jon as a Gemini reseller for life – all thanks to a lifetime guarantee Gemini made true.